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I Am More Than Just A Woman

My skin is soft, very soft, and my heart is too. Upon approaching me I’ll smell good, most likely carrying the lingering scent of mango or Japanese blossom with the steps that I walk. I have curves too, and they are something that I call my own - they are not and will never be for you.

My eyes are blue yet somehow among the world’s madness they refrain from seeing it as so.

I am more than just a woman, more than just this body. There are so many things that the rest of the world cannot see, and there stands a multitude of details that can’t be found out unless you have spoken to me.

I’m 20 years old, I love hugs and I have little tolerance for the cold. I remember when I was younger that I would play racing car games for hours on end with my brothers yet I now fear the prospect of actually getting behind the wheel of any vehicle. I can’t recall ever climbing a tree and it’s something random that seems to resurface in my mind every once in a while.

I wouldn’t climb the tree because the idea of falling down scared me. Finding the huge spider that nestled its way into my hair years ago scared me. People have scared me, and change has scared me.

I am more than just a woman, for I am a proud temple of passion. I’m a person that feels intensely, adores endlessly and pours her everything into the places and spaces that feel right. Creativity feels right. Writing feels right. Writing this writing right now feels right.

We are all more than our bodies and we are all more than human, for we live as entities with layers containing puzzles of contradiction and difference. There are no maps out there that can trace you; no recipe that can be formulated in order to replicate the beauty that you so simply hold within.

See, I am more than just a woman, for I am a bundle of so many things collectively. My heart is a constellation of thoughts, feelings and beliefs, and I have so many hopes, fears and dreams. I have a past that has unfolded and a future to hopefully mould into something incredibly beautiful.

As I type this it is nighttime, or rather it is early morning. The only sound that can be heard is the impact of my fingers on each laptop key. I watch as letters appear, translating the thoughts, feelings and ideas that rest inside of my mind onto this page for you which, otherwise, you would have never had the insight for. Which otherwise you would have remained utterly unaware of.

Our minds are powerful so we should use them. Our voices are important so we should raise them. Our hearts are unique and immeasurable, so I wish that we could realise the intrinsic beauty that there is in being a being at all.

I am more than just a woman, and you are more than just however you choose to define yourself too. You are an indescribable miracle of creation, and the fact that you exist is drawn from an absurdly broad probability.

You deserve love and kindness, and you deserve to know that you deserve to have these things unapologetically.

Take a step, breathe, and then have a look in the mirror. What you see glancing back? That’s you - something that no one else will ever be.

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